Claim handling

Whenever an insurance event is taking place, we will contact and notify the insurer of such event on your behalf. We will work on your side with the objective of a fast and full recovery of your claims under the insurance contract. We will address the questions, if any, and help to clarify the situation and define the legal repercussions and in handling the claim in your name, you can rely on our legal proficiency and longstanding expertise.


Herbert M. Koch holds a doctor’s degree in Law from the University of Salzburg, Austria, as well as a master’s degree from the University of New York School of Law.

As a lawyer for individuals and companies on a local, national and international level, Dr. Koch has developed strong negotiating skills and is experienced in enforcing the rights of his clients.


In some cases, the situation of an insurance event isn’t that clear. The insurance might want further information and elements or might even be opposed to satisfy your claims.

Being our clients, we analyze your claims and provide assistance and expertise in handling legitimate claims on your behalf. Hence, you don’t have to incur additional expenses by hiring a lawyer to handle the case.


In handling your claims on your behalf, we don’t only help you to save further legal fees but we do also save your precious time.

Let us deal with the insurer directly and get the benefit of someone who acts in your name to enforce your legitimate claims.