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Our Services

Advice on risk reduction and management

As experts in risk management, we offer advice in reducing and managing your risks. We offer to analyze your event in terms of risks and will produce a risk management strategy that will guide you in averting, reducing, transferring and prepare for the risks so defined.

Event and Entertainment Insurance

Event Insurance is the best answer if you don’t want to bear the risks yourself. As insurance broker we will find the best insurance policies according to your needs.

Claim handling

You remain our client for the whole duration of your event. In case of an incident, we will help you by getting you out of the crisis and handle your claim under the insurance contract. We will be on your side and help you to get relief from the insurer in a speedy way.

Why us?

We got the tools

We work with state of the art IT, risk modeling and evaluation platforms and we are in direct contact with our insurance partners on a global scale.

Certified Experience

We are a FINMA certified insurance broker, registered under the number 32’851.

Competitive Pricing

With your mandate, we ask for quotes from a variety of insurance companies and present to you a selection of the most competitive and cost advantageous offerings.

Postsale Guarantee

We remain on your side throughout the event duration and help you in any risk and crisis related matter.

30+ years Experience

Our experiences go back to more than 30 years and are rooted in the fields of law, event management, risk and crisis management, communication and insurance on a national and international level.

Great Support

We don’t limit ourself to sell you the best insurance policy but we offer you all risk and crisis related support you may need in the context of your event.